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About Us

What is Masala Estates and who runs it?

Masala Estates was founded in September 2020 as an initiative to provide affordable land rentals in OSGrid, and quickly expanded to provide turnkey solutions for fully managed, fully hosted small private grids.

Our mission is to provide affordable and well-run regions in OSGrid, as well as fully managed, turnkey solutions  for personal and small open grids so that everyone can just get on with creating and enjoying their virtual spaces while we take care of the technical bits.

About the Founder of Masala

Unadecal Masala

Unadecal Masala started life in Second Life as Unadecal Arado as virtual alter egos of Jorge A. Calero, who lives and works in the UK. He made a full-time transition to OpenSim in 2014, just before Osgrid's Great Crash. This prompted the creation of Relliketh Grid as a home for our little Bajoran-inspired Roleplay Group. This grid ran from Jorge's living room until 2018.

In the summer of 2020 Jorge found himself on furlough from work due to pandemic-imposed lockdowns, and began learning how to host VPS and dedicated Linux servers to host Opensim regions for himself and some friends. Very quickly, he identified a niche for well run, affordable rentals for those Osgrid users who either do not have the technical expertise or simply do not want to be bothered to fight with their router and computer in order to run a region from home.

From a humble beginning in a Contabo VPS, Jorge Calero/Masala Estates now owns 12 full servers in the USA and 6 in Europe, hosting dozens of regions in OSGrid as well as some private grids.

Masala Estates Opensim Hosting is owned and operated by:

Jorge A. Calero de Simone as a Sole Tradership.

Physical Address:

Flat 1, 3 Cygnet Court, Spalding, PE11 2TY, United Kingdom

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