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Caribou Grid

Welcome to Caribou Grid in OpenSim. Please bear with us while we build a feature-rich website where you will be able to create and manage your grid account, view grid status, etc.


Caribou Grid is proudly hosted by Masala Estates

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Grid Address
and Info

This is the address you need to add to your Opensim viewer in order to log in to the grid, or use in your browser to create an account:

For enquiries about Caribou Grid please contact or

Our Story

Jeanne’s personal notes on Caribou

Over 15 years online, I have seen both the best and the worst. Wonderful people and friends. Some less wonderful. Friends who helped me to start and friends that I have helped after that.

It began at a small Second Life parcel. A box as home and a few trees. Learning the hard way. All was new.

Soon music was playing. A wonderful club world opened up. We danced on the pole. Got our first tips. And friends.

I know I was privileged when I added land to Caribou. Suddenly we were neigbours with Sammy’s. The famous girl avatars club in SL, Sammy’s became our second home.

Sammy’s parcel owner Diane became a good friend. When she had to leave SL I agreed to take over the property in Egill. Sammy’s became a part of Caribou. Zarah took it over and it became Angels Girls Club.

When we tragically lost Zarah her sister Angelic came in. After that she owns and runs Angels. We formed a friendship which has been strong and close ever since then.

Then we migrated together. Caríbou and Angels in our luggage, we went to Inworlds. Soon we had four large islands and a lot of friends and life. 

Then the grid was hit by an earthquake. We all tried to save it but it went financially broke. We lost all we had. So we packed just Caribou and Angels with us, and headed to Digiworldz.

Once again we built it all up, Angelic and me and some close friends. Life felt good again until server lag squeezed us. We asked for help in vain. Maybe our success was hard to accept. So we looked for something better.

Kitely was our choice. A new world of creators and professionals welcomed Caribou and Angels. Relations with grid owners were good. 

Every day we invited to events. One after another we helped newcomers learn the art of party hosting. Soon they set up their own clubs. The OS world liked people trained in Caribou.

In Kitely, regions were offline until someone wanted to go there. The huge rented cloud servers took their time. We were standing in drab lifts for minutes. 

This did not work for us. And we could not compete with events as before.

I then met my old friend Mathilda or Mattie at one of the lively Stark clubs. Also Niki was there. Both Starks had often been in Caribou in earlier times.

Mattie and me often ended up in IM talks. A new and bold idea was born. We would create a new kind of world together. Both Stark and Caribou would be more lively and attractive. 

So Caribou moved to Zetaworlds. I was driving this. My life in Kitely had slowed down. Often I stood alone in an empty region. I had to do something. Angelic was not too convinced but agreed that we move. This was real friendship.

So we built a new Caribou next to Stark. I was motivated and worked hard on the project. Mattie and her Stark family were wonderful to me. Finally I was family member, partner and Mama. I loved it.

But we all moved too fast. Family relations got strained. The new Caribou Stark region did not work as we had hoped. 

The Stark events flourished but Caribou stayed empty. And we needed our own events to survive. That would have set up competing events at the same times. I understood that Stark could not give up any of theirs. We just could not find any solution.

To avoid any conflicts Angelic and I made a difficult decision. We had to leave Zetaworlds. So Caribou and Angels were travelling again.

Unadecal Masala and his Masala Estates made this possible. Together we set up a huge Caribou region in Osgrid. 

From region host he became a dear friend. He went out of his way to help make Caribou a success.

Finally we created our own Caribou grid. 

We wanted to bring our big Caribou Baby back to the top of OS regions. Una Masala agreed to play along. We love to stay part of the Masala grid and region management.
Now we work on many new ideas. Caribou remains welcoming, adult and safe. We build up our events. We offer free islands and homes for residents and frequent visitors. We develop an environment which is both beautiful and interesting. We want adult avatars to come here and feel good and safe. 

Angelic and I would love to have you as partners in our big adventure.

Yours Jeanne Lefavre

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